In his long years of searching, Prabhuji studied and practiced different religions and spiritual paths. Since most of the disciples he accepted were not familiar with these paths, he considered that they should walk them by themselves to truly understand his message. Therefore, he personally guided and advised them not only to study the theory, but to practice every religion. Thus, they went through periods of being bhaktas, yogis, chassidim, kabbalists, brahmanas, shamans, tantric dakas and dakinis, and so on. Prabhuji instructed them in depth in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Yoga, Shamanism, Tantra, and so on. From these experiences, the Prabhuji Institute was born, where they share his teachings about the different religions of the world.

The Prabhuji Virtual Institute was founded in 2006 by some of Prabhuji’s closest disciples—Ma Durgananda, Ma Omkarananda, Ma Ramananda, and Ma Muktananda—in order to share some basic knowledge and facilitate the understanding of Prabhuji's teachings. On this online platform, spiritual seekers around the world can study different paths directly from Prabhuji’s disciples who generously share their passion for existential subjects and the invaluable wisdom they have received directly from Prabhuji over the years.

We hope you have an enriching experience.

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