The Prabhuji Food Distribution Program was founded by Prabhuji with the aim to help children, adults and elderly people who are in need of nutritious foods, and assist them with their daily struggle against food insecurity.
Since 2014 the Prabhuji Food Distribution Program is serving (but not limited to) the area of Greene County, NY.
Food insecurity affects many Greene County residents, including working families. Even above the poverty line households are struggling to get by. Many households have hard time affording the basic necessities of life: food, housing, childcare, healthcare, transportation, taxes and other expenses.
People who come to Prabhuji Food Distribution Program testify that this food is literally saving them. Many shared with us that they used to skip the produce area in the supermarket because they couldn't afford the cost of fresh vegetables and fruits, but since they have been receiving food from Prabhuji Food Distribution Program they are finally eating healthier and feeling much better.

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