His Holiness Bhaktivedānta Ramakrishnananda Swami, who writes under pen name Prabhuji, is a writer, Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇava monk, and a mystic who lives as a hermit. He has chosen to retire from society and lead the life of a hermit. He spends his days in solitude, praying, studying, writing, painting, and meditating in silence and contemplation.

Although many consider him to be an enlightened being, Prabhuji does not accept the role of a religious authority that they have tried to grant him for years.

Prabhuji does not claim to be a preacher, guide, teacher, instructor, educator, enlightener, pedagogue, evangelist, rabbi, posek halacha, healer, therapist, satsangist, leader, channeler (medium), savior, or guru. He does not proselytize or try to convince anyone of anything. It is not his intention to attract followers, adepts, or admirers of any kind.

For fifteen years (1995–2010), Prabhuji accepted a few monastic disciples who expressly requested to be initiated. In 2010, he took the irrevocable decision to stop accepting monastic disciples, followers, devotees, or even visitors.

Prabhuji is retired from public activities and does not offer satsangs, public lectures, meetings, retreats, seminars, gatherings, lectures, or courses. Currently, he only speaks privately to the small group of serious disciples who have decided to stay with their spiritual master.

We kindly ask everyone to respect his privacy and not to disturb him in any way. Please do not try to contact him to ask for interviews, blessings, śaktipāta, or initiations.

We share Prabhuji’s vision only through books, paintings, poems, melodies, websites, forums, and private talks filmed by disciples.

This website is not administered by Prabhuji himself but by a few of his disciples and friends who feel that their collective duty is to maintain this site in order to preserve and perpetuate Prabhuji’s legacy.